Laundromat Liability in a Slip and Fall

Laundromats are a necessity for many people who live in apartments and do not have their own washer/dryer to use. While they are a great convenience, patrons of laundromats should also exercise caution. Laundromats are a prime location for slip and falls which can cause serious injuries.

Slip and falls can occur at laundromats due […]

Who is Liable for Sidewalk Injuries?

No one ever expects to walk down the sidewalk and succumb to injury. However, on occasion, conditions on the sidewalk may be hazardous and can lead to falls resulting in broken bones, sprains, herniated discs, head injuries, traumatic brain injury, and even permanent disability. Such injuries may arise due to snow or icy conditions; potholes; […]

Helpful Suggestions for Slip and Fall Victims

Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injury in America. For victims of slip and fall accidents, timely actions can significantly impact eligibility for damage awards.

Seek medical attention immediately. Following a slip and fall accident, a victim’s priority is to get immediate medical attention, regardless of whether an injury seems […]

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